Does Blender Steal Your Information?

When downloading a new program, you may be required to perform one of two tasks if not both of them. You will either need to pay for a license which will require your bank details, or you will be required to register your personal details like your name and email. So what details do you need to sacrifice in order to begin using Blender.

Blender is completely free to download, meaning you do not have to pay to use the software, and you do not need to submit any of your bank details as a result. In addition, you are not required to register your personal details either and can download and begin using Blender without giving away your information.

It is almost a refreshing feeling to know that you don’t need to submit any of your personal details to someone you don’t know, and you also don’t have to worry about Blender stealing your information in secret either.

Does Blender Require Any Of My Information?

No, Blender 3D does not require any information from the user, nor does it send any information back to the Blender Foundation because it is simply a 3D modeling application. No registration is required, nor are you required to pay for anything.

All you need to access Blender is a computer that meets the minimum specifications to run the software, which most modern computers will at least match, and an internet connection for the initial download.

Is Blender A Virus?

Another question that potential new users ask that is in some ways similar is whether or not Blender is a virus or contains any form of malware.

Even though Blender is available entirely for free, there is no hidden virus attached to it, and there is no malware, either. Blender is a 100% legitimate 3D modeling application. So long as you download blender from an affiliated source such as the main Blender website or the Steam store, you won’t have to worry about viruses, malware, or registration of any kind.

The potential exception to this rule is if you were to download Blender from a random website, which is possible because Blender is open source, which means that someone can download the source code to blender and edit that source code into their own form of the software. Making changes however they see fit.

In this example, anything could be added to that version of Blender, so you need to be vigilant if downloading blender from a source other than or a major storefront.

What About The Blender.Org Website?

At this point, we have established that the Blender software does not take any of your personal information in any way, shape, or form. But what about when you visit the Blender website? does use a cookie system to gather basic information about its audience. The primary purpose of these cookies is to determine user behavior. For example, which of the various pages on the blender dots or websites are visited most often, which buttons are pressed and how much time a user will spend on a specific page.

No personal information is taken as a result of these cookies and this is standard practice for many web pages on the Internet. This website Blender Base Camp uses a similar cookie system as do thousands of other known sites.

How Is All This Possible?

You may be wondering how this is possible, where you can download such a powerful software application with absolutely no restrictions in terms of its usage or the requirements to hand over any personal details, which are both commonplace with many other applications that you access over the Internet.

The reason why all of this is possible is because of the license that blender is associated with. Blender 3D uses the GNU general public license. The show explanation here is that under this license, Blender is effectively a form of open source software, but it does go beyond that.

While under this license, the software must be distributed at no cost to the end user. It must be free to use without any restrictions whatsoever. This includes the requirement of submitting your own personal information, such as your e-mail address, to access the software.

It also allows users to download the source code of the application. They can then change their source code to create their own version of Blender. They are also free to distribute their version of Blender, but it will still fall under the same license and must be distributed for free.

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