Can You Get Blender On Mobile?

There are applications that are designed for use on desktops and high end computers due to their user experience and high number of tools and features, while other applications are streamlined so that they can be used on a mobile device.

And then some applications have different versions depending on the type of device that you are using. So what about Blender? Is it a desktop only application or is there a form of the software that can be used on mobile devices.

Blender is a desktop based application that can be used on either Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system. The 3D application is not designed for mobile devices; therefore, there is no version of Blender that you can download and begin using on your mobile or tablet.

When you stop and think about how Blender works and how to use it, not having a mobile version does make a lot of sense. However, there are one or exceptions to the rule.

Why Is It Not A Good Idea To Use Blender On Mobile?

The Blender community is one of the fastest-growing tech-based communities out there, and as a result of a growing community, there are also an increasing number of opinions.

One opinion is that Blender should be made even more accessible by introducing a mobile version on tablets and phones.

While there is some merit in using Blender on a tablet, more on that later, there are several reasons why you can’t use Blender on a phone.

Just open up the Blender software and see for yourself; you should see right away what the problem is, the interface.

For an application to even be usable on such a small screen, the user interface must be simple and streamlined to the point where it takes up a minuscule amount of real estate on the screen.

However, with Blender, the UI houses an incredible number of tools and features, so how would you expect to reach them on a phone?

You might argue that you can just use the UI as is and still have all the tools on screen, but the text elements and the buttons would be far too small to be considered usable.

Then there is the performance issue to think about. Blender requires a certain amount of horsepower to use, and those requirements grow depending on the project’s complexity.

While mobile phones continue to get more powerful, they are still unable to complete higher-level tasks in Blender, even if they are powerful enough to run the software.

Why Is There Not A Mobile Version Of The Software?

So if we cannot use the base version of the Blender software, why not create a slimmed-down version exclusive for mobile?

Some applications will allow you to view 3D models on your phone, so Blender could do something similar and have an app that lets you view projects you have created on your mobile device.

But while viewing objects and scenes created in Blender may be achievable, editing those objects is another matter entirely.

For Blender to be possible on mobile, many tools and features would need to be sacrificed for the mobile version.

Most likely, any mobile version of Blender would only attain a very small percentage of the original feature set and would hardly be Blender then.

So a mobile version of the Blender application is unlikely ever to happen, but a partner application with specific features may be up for debate.

Can Blender Be Used On A Laptop?

A laptop is a mobile computer that you can take anywhere you need to so long that you can carry it.

Of course, a laptop being a portable computer just means that you can use Blender on the go, and there are no restrictions here in terms of the operating system, as the ones available are the same as what you get with a desktop.

Yes, Blender can be downloaded onto a laptop and used on the device to the same extent as it can a typical computer at home.

The Exception To The Rule For Tablets

Not every tablet uses the same operating system. Some use iOS in the form of iPads, others will use android, such as Samsung.

But a few tablets out there bring a new definition to the term mobile computing: Windows tablets.

Whereas apple has a desktop operating system for computers and a mobile operating system for phones and laptops, windows decided for its tablets just to use the same operating system, but with a little less bloatware.

Because a Windows tablet, like the surface, uses the same operating system as your laptop or desktop, it has access to all the same apps and software. That includes Blender 3D, which can be used the same way it can on a desktop computer, with the potential added benefit of the tablet doubling up as a visual graphics tablet.

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