Can I Use Blender Offline Or Do I Need Internet?

There are many different 3D applications that you can use for your projects. Some of these applications require an Internet connection as they are browser-based. Others are desktop apps that can be used without an Internet connection. In what category does blender fall?

Blender is a desktop application that only requires an Internet connection for the initial download of the software. Once Blender has been downloaded and installed, you will be able to use the software without needing an Internet connection of any kind.

While the application itself does not require an Internet connection to use, there is a select number of add-ons that may require an Internet connection as they may link to various other sources on the web.

Installing Blender For The First Time

The only time when you ever need to have an Internet connexion for Blender is when you are downloading blender for the first time or if you are downloading the latest version. To install, go to the Blender website,, and click on the Big Blue button at the top of the homepage.

This will take you to the download page, where you will find another blue button labeled ‘Download Blender version’.

Click on this blue button, and it will start the installation process. Before you do this, however, make sure that it will install the correct version of Blender in terms of the operating system. Directly below the blue button is a drop-down menu that will allow you to choose if you wish to download Blender for Windows, Linux, or Mac operating systems.

Once you have chosen the correct type of file, then you can click on the Big Blue button to begin the download process.

How Much Storage Is Required?

Even for the download process itself, you don’t require the strongest Internet connection to download Blender successfully, as it is a lightweight application compared to alternatives such as Maya and 3DS Max.

Autodesk Maya, for example, requires up to 6 gigabytes of storage. By contrast, Blender typically only requires around 200 megabytes of storage, often slightly more.

Regardless of your Internet connection, it should take a few minutes at most for the download process to complete. Once it’s done, you can move on to the installation process, which does not require an Internet connection. But at this point, you need to have an Internet connection is done.

Is An Internet Connection Required To Use The Software?

Some 3D modeling applications are browser-based, meaning they operate within your web browser and require an Internet connexion to use properly. Examples of this can include the free version of SketchUp alongside several other free alternatives for 3D modeling.

Blender is a stand-alone application that is not browser-based but exists on your computer, hence the download process, which is not required for a browser-based application. Again, because of this, blender only requires an Internet connexion for the initial download process, after which no Internet is required.

Are There Any Add-Ons Or Plugins That Require A Connection?

They want hundreds, potentially thousands, of add-ons that you can access both with the default version of Blender and the many additional add-ons you will find online.

Suppose you are looking to install an external add-on created by a member of the blender community. In that case, once again, you will require an Internet connection for the initial download.

However, nearly all add-ons will share the same trait as Blender regarding their requirements for an Internet connection during use.

There are a couple of exceptions to this rule. These are asset libraries that can often link to external sources that are found on the Internet. If you plan to use add-ons that have these asset libraries, then be aware that you may require an Internet connection for the add-ons to work.

Are There Any Other Restrictions To Using Blender?

Many similar desktop apps require you to have a license key or register certain details before you can use the build of that software that you have downloaded. In the case of Blender, there are no restrictions at all.

You can download this software for free if you have an Internet connection, then you can install and begin using it on your device with no strings attached.

The only restriction, if any, is the requirement to have an Internet connection for that initial download.

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