How To Change The Settings Of Your Background Image In The Viewport?

When 3D modeling using the Blender software, we can use reference material in the form of images to help improve our 3D modeling workflow. We also have a special type of image known as a background image That is used to help create accurate representations of models based on that background image. We can change … Read more

What Is The Difference Between A Background Image And A Reference Image?

With Blender we are able to import our images for various purposes, ranging from referencing new designs to acting as image textures. When it comes to the 3D viewport, there are two ways in which we can import our images, either as a reference image or as a background image. So what is the difference … Read more

How Do I Animate Text In Blender 3D?

Just about anything that has a changeable value can be animated in Blender 3D, going far beyond just animating 3D objects. You can animate material properties like the base color and roughness values, and you can even animate text objects in the 3D viewport in various ways. You can animate the properties of 3D text … Read more