Can Blender Be Used For 3D Printing

A growing industry that is beginning to make its mark in many forms ranging from simple spare parts manufacturing to building full scale space rockets, 3D printing is an incredibly scalable form of manufacturing that can be done at a small level within your own home. Of course, to begin 3D printing, you will need … Read more

The Best File Formats To Use For Exporting 3D Models From Blender For 3D Printing

3D printing requires the use of two different kinds of software. The first is the modeling software used to design the model itself, defining the size, thickness and appearance. The second is a form of slicing software that breaks a model down into parts so that the printing knows how to create the model best, … Read more

How Do You Create 3D Printable Objects In Blender 3D?

One of the primary reasons why you would choose to use 3D software for a project is to design an object either for manufacturing or for 3D printing. We don’t all have our own factory for mass-producing parts, but more people now have access to 3D printers in their own homes. Blender can be used … Read more

What Are Zero Faces In Blender And How Do They Affect 3D Printable Models?

If you are a beginner in the process that is 3D printing then you may not be aware of some of the terminology used when designing 3D printable models. Unlike in animation, there are certain parameters that artists need to work within to avoid issues that may occur during the printing process as a result … Read more